Sunday, March 13, 2011

Black and White

Last week, the much anticipated Pokemon Black and White games for the DS finally reached our shores here in the US. The game introduces 135 new Pokemon and an entirely new "3D" design, and from what I've seen so far from my play through, there have been some significant improvements and innovations in just the little mechanics and fluidity of the game since the release of Platinum last year. The dialog is still pretty corny, and the story is still pretty much secondary to the general task of just trying to explore and catch every new bugger, but hey, they definitely tried harder with this one to flesh out the baddies with a little more depth. (If you've played, you know what I mean.)

BUT! More importantly the Pokemon company is releasing the new Black and White sets on April 6th (the starter decks) and the actual full set on the 26th. My friend recently got one of the new B&W promo tins, and from what I've seen of the other leaked images online, I think we can predict a few trends about these new cards:

1. Much like Call of legends, these cards are probably going to have a higher energy cost, and possibly more specific energy costs. Cards since the diamond and pearl era on have seemed to trend with lower energy costs and less specific (i.e, 1 water and 2 colorless for 60 damage). Now it seems that its moving the OPPOSITE way, so this will probably make decks either a little bit slower in build or require a more strategic build and varied trainer/supporters to keep speed up.

2. The Pokemon will have higher HP. Looking at leaked pictures of the stage 2 starters alone, they range from 130 to 150; not an astronomical increase, but something to be noted. The basics seem to be about the same as before, between 50-60, but the new sandile has 70... again, just a guess on what I've seen.

As more info comes in, I'll update you guys; but I think we can all be pumped that these cards are gonna rock!

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