Friday, February 18, 2011

Card of the Day: Dugtrio (Undaunted)

This is a good middle game card. Dugtrio has a measly 80 hp, and this is it's greatest issue. It's doubly weak to water types, so a mid-level water attack will one hit it. Even something that's doing something more than 20 a turn is a big threat.

But in every other aspect, this card rocks. 30 damage for a single fighting energy is pretty sweet, especially since this card is not hard to get out and can be set up on one turn, and can really mess up an opponent's basics. Think about it;  basics with 60 hp or less, unless they can retreat or evolve means you're guaranteed a 2HKO!

Sand Impact is a perfect middle game attack. Though it takes 3 energies to get ready, if all are fighting, you have the potential for an astounding 110 damage. This is good because it will really weaken any stage 2 pokemon, so the rest of your bench can finish it off if Dugtrio is knocked out; or, it can hopefully KO any stage 1 or basics that Dig couldn't take care of. And the best thing is that the attack does not limit the number of energies and coin flips you can add, so technically it promises limitless damage. Of course, the low hp will hinder you from building Dugtrio up that much, but it could be possible.

The last thing to mention is Dugtrio's no retreat cost; this is a nice touch because you can retreat Dugtrio to your bench for a turn or two to heal up, without having to worrying about re-adding energies. Or, if your Dugtrio has done its job with Sand impact, you can bring him back and send out something else you've built up for the KO.

Tips: If you want to beat this card, bring out a water pokemon that can do easy damage fast. It's pretty simple; so those using Dugtrio, be thoughtful in what situation you decide to send him out.

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