Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Card of the Day: Scizor Prime (Undaunted)

This is one of my favorite primes just because it has almost limitless potential if you can build it right.
Let's start at the top again: for a prime, Scizor has a pretty low hp of 100, especially as an evolved pokemon (as compared to mew, celebi and absol prime, which all play as basics). However, it makes it easy and fast to get out there, and it has the bonus pokepower that can make up for the lower hp. It basically blocks attacks from any pokemon that has special energies attached to it. This can be especially useful with the resurgence of double-colorless and rainbow energy released in the HeartGold SoulSilver set, so your opponent will have to build up with only basics.

I think the real power of the card is in the attack which starts with a base of 30, but adds 20 for every metal energy attached to it. This basically makes Scizor limitless in attack power; for 3 metal energies: 30 + 20 +  20 + 20 = 90! This counts for special metal energies too, which decrease the attack power of your opponent by 10 with each energy-- adding both defense and attack to scizor. So, again thinking about 3 metal energies, if they were special, you are also looking at a -30 damage buffer. A great, quick playing card for any steel deck looking for an extra punch.

Tips: This card plays very well with Skarmory (Undaunted), which allows you to search your deck and attach one metal energy to a pokemon per turn with its attack. If you are also playing an energy card from your hand as well, you can build scizor up twice as fast!

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  1. Even if your two energies just to initiate the attack were metal, that's a base attack of 70 damage. If you could somehow combined the healing properties of your grass deck [Scyther is a grass type anyways] with this metal to compensate for it's low HP, you could theoretically remove 2 damage counters, build resistance to damage by 10, and add 20 to your attack.