Friday, February 18, 2011

Strategy: Energy Heal

A while back, I pulled a Leafeon from the Rising Rivals set. This one card was so appealing to me that I decided to build a deck around it, and I decided on a water/grass type combo.

Since then, the deck has gone under several reconstructions and refinements, but Leafeon has stayed as a focal point of the deck. It is a very versatile card, and many people have their own strategies for it, but here is one way to play it:

Put leafeon out with one energy on it. If you've retreated something to put Leafeon out there, and you still have your energy for the turn, attach the energy to the pokemon you just retreated to remove two damage counters and begin building the pokemon back up again.

Your opponent attacks Leafeon. Watch; anything less than 50 is going to be negligible.

On your next turn, attach an evergy to leafeon to use plus energy and remove two damage counters. Put the energy you get to attach with plus energy on Leafeon. There, in one turn you've done 40, built Leafeon up for its Soothing scent next turn, and removed 4 damage counters.

If you don't need 60 to knock out the opponent and you still have energies, you can use plus energy next turn to add two "potion" energies-- as long as Leafeon is your active, you have a built in potion with every energy added.

This card is great for counteracting Poke-Bodies like Ampharos Prime's, which puts a damage counter on a pokemon for every energy you attach to it; with Leafeon out, this gives you a net gain of 1 damage counter removal per turn.

Leafeon's Pokepower can be augmented with the Dawn Stadium (Stadium) from Majestic Dawn, or Bellossom (Undaunted), which allows you to remove one damage counter from every pokemon once per turn.

This card is powerful and it can deal out a whole bunch of heal.

Try it out!


  1. You've posted 2 grass type's with healing abilities as part of your water/grass deck that revolves around Leafeon. But a deck has to consist of more than just these two cards: what other grass and water cards would work well with this healing motif you have set up in your deck?

  2. Nice strategy and nice post! Looking forward to more!

  3. Nice looking blog! Thanks a lot!

  4. Will:

    We were talking about using the Rising Rivals Snorlax to bring all of your energy cards to your hand. For no energy cost you can draw up to 4 basic energy cards to the hand. While this will let you build up your energy base pretty quick you basically have to pray you get the Snorlax within the first few hands, otherwise it's not going to be that effective. Also, Snorlax basically serves as your meat shield for the first few rounds since you really don't want to waste any energy on him and it'll be impossible to retreat him. But the trade is really worth it in the end, 4 energy cards per turn (max) for one prize, not too shabby.

    As for the water part of this deck, it think we were looking into Glaceon Lv X. It's a solid card with a pretty easy build. It's dispel it's pretty useful as well and Avalanche can give you some solid base damage tot he opponents bench.

  5. Nicely put Jon. Adding cards like engineer's adjustments to put a energy in your discard just makes Snorlax more effective and gives you draw power.