Monday, February 21, 2011

Card of the Day: Interviewer's Questions

This card is one of our favorite supporters and a staple for any deck that has more than 8 energies. Though possibly not as guaranteed to find an energy as trainers like Energy Search or Supporters like Roseanne's Research and the older Juggernaut of a supporter Cyrus' Conspiracy, this card can and often will bring multiple energies to your hand, saving an energy starved hand and ensuring you can attach something over the next couple of turns. This is the single supporter that allows you to pick special energy cards from the 8 you pick up, which no other trainer or supporter that I know of can do.

As a side effect, Questions also thins out your deck, so you spend less time having to pull energies when you really need basics to keep you in the game, that one evolution that could trump your opponent, or more strategic supporters. There really isn't any complicated strategy associated with this card; it's straightforward, but that's what makes it good. There's little to no drawbacks either, since you just shuffle the rest of your cards back into your deck instead of discarding them.

I guess one card, Research Record from the newest expansion Call of Legends, would help make Questions more effective. If you plat Research record (Trainer) right before you play Questions, you can look at the top four cards of your deck and replace them in any order, or put them on the bottom of the deck. This allows your to get any non-energy cards out of the way to the bottom of your deck before you play Questions, and make the card that much more effective, and less of a gamble. There's no greater frustration than when you pull no energies AND find you've used up your supporter for the turn.

A simple, good card that can be easily overlooked, but deserves recognition. 


  1. Poke Radar works very similar, but its only 5 cards and you get to pick any pokemon. However, its also not a supporter but a trainer, which can be useful.

  2. never got into the card game.
    returned from japan in october, and man, pokemon is still very big over there.
    the kids go mad for it.

  3. I really like the idea that it will increase your chances of drawing the cards that you want in addition to supplying you with energies.